Guylaine Renaud

Nathalie has been a part of my life for many years, as she is my little cousin. In our younger years, I loved to tell her Christmas stories. She loved Santa Claus so much that she was amazed every time.

We always kept a very warm contact but mostly family. Life had a beautiful surprise in store for us, we got back in touch and now Nathalie is my great friend.

I saw an artist of great talent, but who was unaware of it. I accompanied Nathalie in her artistic exploration so that she could find her voice. You can’t imagine how proud I am to see her arrive at her destination. She is at the crossroads between her desire and her reality. She is here, well anchored and ready to amaze the world with her creations.

I love you very much little cousin, great friend. Thank you for being in my life xxxx

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